Past musings of an angry lady wrestler

The Guardian

From love and rockets by the hendandez brothers

Online comment on women's wrestling aimed squarely at a non-wrestling audience.

Don't read the comments.

Huffpost Blog

From Love and Rockets by the Henandez brothers

Blog posts / brain dumps on the going on's of the wrestling world.

The Independent

C. Henandez brothers

Absolute click bate on one of the UK's leading newspapers.

Zine - A Grrls Guide to Wrestling


The pre-cursor to my book, a zine made to translate wrestling to riot grrls and educate the masses about wrestling as a feminist act. Includes Cher and kittens.

Contact me for orders.

Zine - A Herstory of Wrestling in 10 women


The story of wrestling told through the lives of 10 remarkable women who broke the mould to do what they loved. 

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