places where wrestling has become my sweaty home

Lucha Britannia 2014-Present

C. Damien Frost

Rana Venenosa, Queen of the Sewyer, is a resident femme fatale at the UK's only Lucha Libre wrestling show. 

London School of Lucha Libre 2012-Present

c. Roger Alacorn

Heather trains amongst some of the craziest and warmest wrestling talent in the world - find out how you can become a wrestler.

Burning Hearts 2016-Present


Part wrestling school, part girl gang - Burning Hearts are a female co-op of wrestlers. They perform quarterly and train weekly. Featuring referee Heather Honeybadger and the legendary Babe Cthulu.

Pro Wrestling:EVE

C. Monkey Flip

The world's best riot Grrl wrestling group - Heather is sometimes referee and full-time cheerleader for Pro Wrestling: EVE

Lucha Libre World

C. Roger Alacorn

Rana has been lucky enough to share the ring with some of the world's finest collective of lucha libre wrestlers.