unladylike: A grrls guide to wrestling

"A feminist romp like no other."


Unladylike is the first book written about feminism and wrestling - it follows one unlikely woman's journey to becoming an infamous masked wrestler, and honestly retells the life lessons grappling teaches her on the way.

Most wrestling books are about the stars of the industry – this one isn't. Unladylike offers an honest and comedic insight in to the world of independent wrestling from the perspective of one angry, overweight woman following a dream she didn’t know she had. Unladylike is structured around the last five years of my wrestling journey, using it as a backdrop to explore both the hidden and overblown world of wrestling. It also talks about women's bodies; cabaret in Underground post-recession London; forming unlikely friendships; generational ennui; pushing boundaries and personal politics. It is written for both an existing and new wrestling audience in a way that hasn't been attempted before – sitting squarely within the narrative non-fiction genre with influences of both sport writing and feminist thought.

So far, the book has received amazing support from the feminist wrestling community and after its launch will hopefully bring more fresh faces in to wrestling than ever before.

Published through Unbound

Unladylike was made possible through the crowd-funding publishers, Unbound. They help get ideas off the ground for new and exciting books.

You can also buy a copy through their website.

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